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Wowzers General Maozers!

Posted by kyotoshift - April 21st, 2018

Is this thing on?! Hopefully so! If not, I guess I'm just talking to a wall... nothing unusual. Anyways, I'm incredibly terrible at blogging or posting short shit like this, so let's just get into it.

My name is Judah! No, I'm not Jewish or named after a Japanese Martial Art. Yes, I've actually been asked that. I enjoy producing music, writing, filmmaking, and photography! I guess I just like being creative? I'm not sure. My goals in life are:

  1. Make as many things as I can, while I can;
  2. Do more things.

Finally, the words I "live by" are

If you can't make yourself happy, you might as well make others happy.

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Hey Judah Welcome to NG ^^ i saw you made your account today so i wanted to say welcome and hi ^^ anyway i like your name it's something unique i think, i dont hear it every day ^^
i am a writer, beginner cosplayer and artist (i am not very well at it yet and i haven't posted any good things and good pictures in a while but you know still making stuff :p ) anyway i love the photography mabey you can post some pictures somethimes i would love to see them. i want to start as well but i don't have a camera so it's a bit hard.

anyway i like your goals there simple things (the last thing is a bit hard but absolutly possible)
and i would love to see you forfill them in the future ^^ anyway if you need help don't hesatate to PM me okay ^^ i like to help people out anyway. okay i have taked wayy to much already so i'll stop now :p

i hope you enjoy it here and i hope as well that i see you in the future ^^
Good luck and Welcome!